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Uppfräschning av Darling numbers Putsa upp dina familjesmycken hos oss! Gammalt blir som nytt! Tar bort oxidering på silversmycken. Blir som nytt!

Jewelry care and reparation

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Product Description

Has your necklace discolored?

It is a natural process that makes silver oxidize (discolor) over time. To keep the silver white and shiny we recommend you to take care of your jewelry, and periodically clean it with a silver polishing cloth. 

Note that you need to rub firmly on the surface (but be careful with the chain). The polishing cloth will turn black when you use it.


If you have not polished your jewelry in a long time, the oxide can be difficult to remove with an ordinary polishing cloth, then we can help you.


The price includes return shipping by registered mail, because your jewelry is irreplaceable.


Polish and refresh: We polish your jewelry and it will be like new. We polish but we do not remove scratches.

Extra:  Repair.  If your jewelry is broken we repair it for you.


Send your jewelry to: (pack your jewelry well, preferably in a sjewerly box)

Tivoli design

Svandammsvagen 9

126 32 Hagersten


Design and manufacture of jewelry: Charlotta Hamrin-Brohult, Camilla Timoteo, Klara Schmidt

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