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Darling Numbers Darling Numbers Darling Numbers Darling Numbers Darling Numbers Darling numbers med lång silverkedja Darling numbers med kort silverkedja

Darling Numbers - halsband

1 350 kr
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Product Description

Name jewelry for those who want to wear jewelry that others take notice of. The sterling silver numbers represent your children in birth order - the first, the second, the third etc.  An acrylic heart beside the numbers represents the Love, and a transparent one is included in the price.

Personalized engraving: The price includes engraving of a name on the front of the charm. Write in the engraving text box which name you want engraved on which number. (Eg. 1: FRIDA 2: MOA 3: HARRY)

Additional date: You can choose to add a date (e.g. 24 01 05) on the backside of the number charm/silver heart. Or detailed birth data (date, time, weight and length)

Additional heart: In addition to the numbers you can order a sterling silver heart with engraving (see picture).

Acrylic heart: One transparen acrylic heart (without engraving) is included in the price. You can find several other colors of the heart under category Acrylic plastic jewelry . Take the opportunity to buy extra hearts, so you can match your jewlery with different outfits.

Plus sign: You can order a plus sign for your stepchildren. Order the plus charm in the category Complement

Size: Number charm approx 24 mm high. Heart charm approx 17 mm high

Chain: Anchor chain is available in different lengths. Make your choise above!

Material:  925 sterling silver and acrylic. When the family grows you can buy an extra number charm, take a look at Complement.

Design and production: Klara Schmidt, Camilla Timóteo, Charlotta Hamrin Brohult

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