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Handgjorda namnberlocker i återvunnet silver Namnberlocker i silver - unika och handgjorda Silvernugget Namnberlock i silver Silvernugget Personliga smycken Silvernugget Namnsmycke av återvunnet silver Silvernugget Silvernugget Silvernugget


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Product Description:

Silvernugget is a lovely one of a kind charm. It has a softish shape and is made by hand which gives the characteristic design. It´s approx. 10mm in diameter and made of recycled sterling silver. Each one is melted and shaped by hand and therefore they all vary slightly in size. This gives a nice variation if you have more than one charm! 

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Engraving: One name or word of maximum 6 letters can fit on the small charm. But you can choose the medium charm if you have a longer name or want to fit more names. (maximum 3 namnes).

Size: The charm is approx. 10-12 mm in diameter, and if you choose the lager charm ti´s approx. 15 mm. Since they are all made by hand they vary in size and thickness. They are all One of a kind!

Material: Sterling silver

Shape and production: Tivoli design Stockholm

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