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Darling Numbers - bracelet

895 kr
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Product Description

Modern name jewelry in shape of a braclet, for those who want to wear something that others take notice of. The sterling silver numbers represent your children - the first, the second, the third etc. An acrylic heart represents your Love.

Engraving: A name on the front side of the number is included in the price.

Extra: You can choose to engrave date of birth, e.g. 24 01 05, on the backside of the number or the silver heart. Or detailed data (date of birth, time, weight and length).

Acrylic heart: An acrylic heart (without engraving) is included in the price. You can choose between three different colors.  The heart is mounted at the end of the chain.

Silver heart: In addition to the numbers you can order a sterling silver heart with engraving to represent your partner (see picture). We mount the heart the same way as the numbers on the bracelet.

Plus sign: You can order a plus sign for your stepchildren. Choose one plus sign for each stepchild, or contact us for information about how many names we can fit on the same plus sign.

Bracelet: The standard lenght is 19 cm, regardless of numbers. The more of numbers, the shorter the chain between them. If you want anonther lenght specify that in the Engraving Information text box.

Size: Silvernumbers approx 25 mm

Material:  925 sterling silver and plastic

When the family grows you can buy an extra number, take a look at Complement

Design and production: Charlotta Hamrin Brohult, Camilla Timóteo, Klara Schmidt

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