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Rattle - Ekoberget

This rattle in sterling silver is a memory for life and a perfect gift for baptisms. The grip is made of a climbing rope that ends with a big clasp in silver. The baby can easily grab a hold of the rope with its small hands. The rattle´s beautiful sound and the shiny silver surface is very appeling to the little baby.

While the child is playing with the rattle it comes to get a beautiful patina. When the play is over for the time being, it can be hung in the stroller´s canopy, or by the bed, thanks to the clasp.

Engraving: For a more personalized rattle you can choose to have it hand engraved with name and birthdate. 


Delivery: Up to five weeks, because the rattle is handmade from a flat sheet of silver

Design and production: Charlotta Hamrin Brohult, Camilla Timóteo, Klara Schmidt

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