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Darling Numbers Gold - 18K Darling Numbers Gold - 18K Darling Numbers Gold - 18K Darling gold coolt namnsmycke i guld

Darling Numbers Gold - 18K

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Product Description
Darling Numbers gold is the gold variant of our popular name necklace Darling Numbers. This piece of jewelry gives you the possibility to carry your loved children near you all the time. The numbers represent the children in order - the first, the second, the third etc. The numbers hang in a cluster and the numbers formvariation makes you curious and to take antoher look. The necklace is made of 18 K swedish red gold.
A name on the front side of the number is included in the price. A maximum of 8 characters fits (maximum 10 on the number two). If you have a long name, pleace contact us, to fint out if it is possible to engrave.

Gold heart:
In addition to the numbers you can order a gold heart representing your partner. You will find it under category Gold Jewelry.

Hight on gold numbers approx 12 mm

18K red gold

When the family grows you can buy an extra number, take a look at Complement.

Desgin and production: Schmidt & Timóteo

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