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Memories namnhalsband av gammalt guld Memories - Guldsmycke av återvunnet byrålådsguld Memories- namnsmycken av återvunnet guld Guldsmycken av gammalt guld Unika halsband av återvunnet guld Memories vackert namnsmycke i guld Memories med personlig gravyr

Memories Gold

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Product Description

Make something new out of your old unused jewelry.

The gold pendant Memories brings new life to precious moments from the past. We beautifully redesign and recreate that gift you never used, your great grandma´s ring, the earring that lost its pair, or any gold items that you would like to make use of.

Memories can be further personalized by engraving a name or a date or a favorite word.

Memories is made in a soft organic shape with a rougher edge for a contemporary touch. The characteristic shape is achieved in the process of melting and working the gold. The combination of colors of the gold pendant and the black chain makes a beautiful contrast.

The size of the pendant will follow from the size of the piece/es of jewelry to be reused. Around 3-8 grams of gold makes a nice Memories pendant.

Engraving:  Black engraving on the front side of the pendant is included in the price. 

The pendant in our original design is engraved with lower case letters. If you wish to have upper case letters or initial capitals engraved, please state that specifically in the engraving textbox.

Extra: You can also choose to add engraving on the back side of the pendant. This will look slghtly different (wider) from that on the front due to the pendant being shaped after engraving it. 

Size: Varies in size and shape. Depends on the amount of gold you have sent to us. But we strive to make it no smaller than 12 mm i diameter. The pendant with engraving pontus is made out of approx. 3g gold.

Material: Memories is made out of an oxidized sterling silver chain and the gold that you supply. The gold supplied must be marked with one of the following stamps; 24K, 18K, 750, 14K or 585. And in addition to one of theese the has to be a namestamp (from the producer).

How to proceed: Place your order according to the instructions. Send the gold you want reused thotoughly packed in a padded envelope. Send it by recommended mail to the address below. We cannot take responsibility for any gemstones. Mark the package with the order number you received in the e-mail confirmation. You will also receive an e-mail confirmation once we have recieved your gold. Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your gold personally to our workshop. Don´t hesitate to give us a call on +46-8-55110871 if you have any questions. We are happy to help you.


Tivoli design Stockholm

Svandammsv. 9

SE-12632 Hägersten


Design and production: Camilla Timoteo och Klara Schmidt

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