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One World - Adoptionssmycke med halskedja One World - Adoptionssmycke i närbild

One world -adoptionssmycke

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Product Description
One world is an adoption jewelry for parents who have adopted a child/children. The borderless and unconditional love is symbolized by the world map. A sparkling diamond set in the bith country of your adoptive child, shows the uniqueness of your child and makes this piece of jewelry personalized for you. The world map hangs on a beatiful stainless steel chain. This luxury stainless steel jewelry is going uniqe, thanks to the diamond, that is placed especially for you!
Diamond: You can choose to get more than one diamond set in the worldmap, e.g. one in the country of adoption and one in your recent home country, or if you have children from different countries. In the drop-down list above you choose how many diamonds you want. Write in the text box in witch country/countries you whant the diamond/diamonds (Top Wesselton VS, 0.005ct ) to be set. Engraving: Engraving on the back side of the pendant is included in the price,  e.g. name, date of birth, country of adoption etc. You can choose between straight letters or handwriting.
Chain: You can choose between two different chains, oval or regular ballchain (regular is shown in picture).
NB: The delivery time for this piece of jewellery is a maximum four weeks if you want diamonds set in it.
Size: 23 x 40 x 2 mm
Material:  stainless steel
Diamond: Top Wesselton
We follow EU:s regulation regarding the Kimberly process - i.e. we do not deal with conflict diamonds.

Design and production: Charlotta Hamrin Brohult, Camilla Timóteo, Klara Schmidt

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