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Does your jewelry contain nickel?
No, none of our products contain nickel. We use 925 Sterling Silver, 18 Karat Gold, and other materials are all tested for nickel.

Is there real ”silver” in your jewelry?
Yes, we only work with 925 Sterling Silver, which is an alloy consisting of silver (92.5%) and copper (7.5%).

What kind of properties has silver?
Silver is a soft white shining metall. Due to the softness silver is easily scratched. If you have a piece of jewellery with many different charms/pendants that hang beside or on top of eachother the silver will be worn, that will result in many tiny scratches on the silver surface. These scratches will gradually cover the entire surface and you will not see the scratches anymore, insted the surface has gotten a nice patina.

Can oxidized silver discolour clothes?
No, it can not discolour your clothes.

Why does silver get dark?
The silver discolours (oxdized) in time because of sulphur. Sulphur occurs in many contexts; in the air, on the skin, on painted surfaces, in fabrics, on band aids, in cigarette smoke, in fossil fules on rubber bands etc. The oxidized surface can be polished away with a silver polishing cloth that has a polishing substance which also protects the newly polished surface and delays new oxidation. If you wear silver often the silver will keep white longer.

Can you make items other than those shown on your online shop?
Of course, we are educated silver/gold smiths. Email or call us and ask, nothing is impossible!

Can you make personalized jewellery with all kinds of names?
Yes, of course. Everything from Lucas, Péter, Suri, Aladdin, Synnøve, Åke to Maximiliam.

Do you have special care instructions for your jewellery?
You can polish silver with silver polish. You should not spray perfume onto your freshwater pearls, and avoid wearing them in the bath or shower. If you are not using the jewelry you should preferably keep pearls in a material that does not dry them out, for example, unbleached cotton wool or leather (not in cotton) or in the jewelry box. Do not keep your jewelry in the bathroom as they will oxidize and the surface will get ugly.

I have placed an order but I have not got any order confirmation, why?
Probably you have specified the wrong e-mail address when you filled out Customer Information. Make a new order and make sure that the e-mail address is right, and reply on your order confirmation e-mail that we can erase your previous order. Or contact us on or call us at +46-8-55110871.

To what countries do you deliver?
Everywere! If your country does not show in the drop-down list please e-mail us at and we will add your country.

How fast can you deliver?
We send your order within 8 days, unless otherwise specified. Delivery times may vary if a product is sold out, and is such cases we will inform you as soon as possible. For orders without engraved names the delivery will often be shorten than 8 days. At hollidays the delivery terms can be changes, if so this will be written on the frontpage.

Can I change my jewelry?
Yes, we offer a right to return items within 14 days for all our products, except the specially ordered jewelry (with names engraved), and exchanged for other items in our assortment. The product must be unused and returned in its original packing. Specially made jewelry is not returnable as it is not possible for us to resell this jewelry.

How do I make a complaint?
If there is an obvious fault in the making of the jewelry, we will ofcourse pay the costs of delivery and reparation or an eventual change. If something is broken due to carelessness we cannot repair it for free, but ofcourse we can repair your jewelry for a charge.

Are there any delivery costs?
Yes, there is a charge of 130 SEK approx. 12 Euro per order. Your delivery is then sent as a registered item of mail and it can be collected at your post office.

Can you deliver the jewelry as a gift?
Yes, we can. When completing your purchase you can choose an other delivery address were you want the jewellery delivered to. If you want us to e-mail the receipt to you, pleace specify that in the Engraving Information text box when completing your purchase, otherwise the receipt will be sent with the order to the delivery address.

I have recived a gift cart, how do I shop?

Fill out your unique code you have recived on the same page where you fill in your address etc. Then click on the buttom Activate, for the price to adjust. A gift card can only be used once. 


I have a discount code, how do I use it?

You fill out the code in the box of discounts on the same page where you fill in your address etc. Then click on the buttom Activate, for the price to adjust. 


How do I shop?

Shopping guide

This is a short guide on how you shop at Name Jewelry of Sweden.
If you cannot find the answer to your questions or need help you are welcome to call us on +46-8-55110871 or send us an e-mail on


In the meny to the left you find the shops categories (Women, Man, Child and Complement), and under these you will find under categories. When you choose a category, the products that belongs there will show. Some products you can find both under Women and Man.


- Click on an item, and choose variety if you want to (engraving, lenght on chain, color etc.)

- Write on the line for Engraving the possible engraving that you would like on the jewelry. 

- Put in basket.

The basket
• Here will the jewelry that you have put in your basket show with the posisible engraiving you have written.  Here you can choose to  Buy more  or to Check out if you want to complete your order.

Check out and Customer Info
• Here you fill in your address.
• IP-numbers and time of purchase will be saved.


Discount code and Gift card;

• If you have a discount code or a gift card, fill out that code and the price will adjust direct after when you have activate it.

Confirm order
• Check that your address and order is correct.
• Confirm that you agree to our terms and conditions, you can read them if you click on the link. You have to agree to the terms and conditions to complete the purchase.

• Click the button Accept if everything is correct.


Now you can pay with your credit card in our safe online shopping solution developed by Visa and MasterCard.

• You will get information about the purchase and the sum transferred from your credit card.
Click on Accept if everything is correct.
• Click on the credit card you wish to use. Continue with the transaction
• Fill in the information asked for. Click on [?] if you need help.
Then click on "Validate payment".
When the payment is accepted click on "Next" to show receipt.

When you have completed the purchase
• When the transaction is completed you will get an acknowledgement email from us.
• You will get another email when we have sent the jewellery to you.



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