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Bracelet chains in sterling silver

320 kr

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Product Description

Here are different bracelet chains to choose from. All chains are in 925 silver. They are fine as they are but you can also add a personalized engraved charm to make the bracelet a unique name bracelet for you or the one you want to give it to.
See all our charms here! If you buy a charm for the bracelet, tell us how you want us to mount it on the bracelet. Either we put it at the end of the link or in the middle. Write this in the text box at checkout!

You fill in the length you want on the bracelet in the textbox above.


Rolo chain 2,5mm or 2,0mm
Anchor chain 1,6mm och 2,5mm.
Curb chain 1mm or 2,0mm.
Ball chain 3mm.

All chains are beautiful as they are, but you can or make them personalized by purchasing and adding an engraved charm. See our charms here! If you buy a pendant which you want to get mounted - write it in the text box at checkout!

Design and production: Schmidt & Timóteo

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