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Färglada personliga berlocker Vackert namnsmycke med personliga berlocker Unik kombination av namn-brickor och berlocker Ljuvlig kombo av berlocker Unikt namnsmycke Fina berlocker Fint namnsmycke Guld och silver namnsmycken

Family Ties - chain

Personal and unique piece of jewelry where you choose which charm/pendant you want to place on the chain. For example, a pearl for grandmother, a golden heart for big brother and a silver ball for the little sister.

How to buy this piece of jewelry:

First you choose to buy the Family Ties chain (this product). Then go to category Pendants and choose the pendant you want to have on your necklace. 

The charms/pendants that you select, will be placed in a balanced composition, but you can easily change the order yourself if you prefer it in another way.

Material:  925 sterling silver

Tip: All of our pendants you can choose to have a clasp on, these will then also fit on our bracelets Precious and Details.

Design and production: Charlotta Hamrin Brohult, Camilla Timóteo, Klara Schmidt

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