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Family tree

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Product Description

Family Tree is a personal and unique piece of jewelry with the names of your nearest and dearest represented on the handmade silver leaves.  The more leaves the greater volume of the pendant which has a ressemblence to a flower.

Your necklace is completely personalized, as you are the one choosing how many leaves you want. You create your own unique piece of family jewelry.

On every leaf, we engrave the name you want (see pictures). The more leaves you choose the more volume there will be. This is a name jewelry where the engraving is a little bit secret and glimpse out when you whear it.

The name you choose is engraved on the inside of the slightly arched leaf.

Sizes of letters/numbers:
You can choose between small or large etters/numbers. If you choose the lager letters we can fit no more than 10 letters per leaf.

N.B. We place the leafts in the order you have given, from left to right. E.g. Dad, child 1, child 2. Then we place the leaves with dad to the left, under dad we place child 1 och to the right child 2.

approx. 30 x 12 mm (Each leaf is made by hand.)

925 sterling silver

When the family grows you can buy an extra number, take a look at Complement. 

Design and production: Schmidt & Timóteo 

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