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Namnhalsband med silverhjärta Lucky heart - personligt namnsmycke Namnhalsband-snabb-leverans Lucky in love-namnhalsband

Lucky Heart

990 kr
One or more hearts
Additional - Star

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Product Description

Lucky in love is a necklace i sterling silver with lovely hearts in a row. Choose one heart for your sweetheart or one heart for each one of your children. It is beautiful in it´s simplicity, but you can add an extra touch by making it a piece of name jewelry.

Personilize your necklace by letting us engrave the names of your loved ones on the hearts. 

Engraving: Engraving is included in the price. Write in the engraving text box which name should be engraved on which heart.  We place the hearts on the necklace in the same order as you write them.

Star: You can also add a star to your row of hearts. If you do so make sure to write in the engraving text box which name that should be on which shape. EG. heart: EMMA, star: ERIC, heart: MOLLY, heart: WILL

Material: Sterling silver

Size: The heart and the star is approx. 13 mm i diameter.

Chain: Anchor chain. Choose length above!

Design and production: Klara Schmidt and Camilla Timóteo

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